Playboy Miss May 2012 Nikki Leigh

Miss May 2012, Nikki Leigh is back & looking better than ever. For more Playboy:
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7 Lives Xposed: Episode 7 Trailer

Mike & Nick lose their place at the Graydon as Spencer goes out of his way to impress his overbearing father. Dylan tries hanging out with a nice guy for a change while a star is made when Mackenzie lures a naive Penny to an underground club.

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HOT Body Beach Bikini Workout! Part 1

Vicky’s Beach Workout: Start the workout by doing 20 sprints, about 40-50 yards. Rest 1 min between each. Then do 30 jumping jack squats. Next do 40 Hopping Lunges. Then do in and out jumping squats. That’s part 1. Then watch Vicky getting attached by fish. 🙂
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