Honeys Slingshot

There’s nothing quite like scaring the living daylights out of yourself in the name of fun. Our lovely High Street Honeys Kayleigh and Natalie even manage to look demure and sexy when they’re screaming like mad-women and swearing like builders. That’s why we love them…

Peta Todd: Behind The Scenes!

There’s an old Chinese saying: “Man who stay up all night in pub then club, fall asleep at work next day.”

Turns out it’s true, even when there’s an inch-perfect glamour model being shot in the next room. Here’s FHM.com’s Simon Marsh snoozing soundly as our stylist Angie and make-up artist Mandy dance to MC Hammer around him.

The bit where he opens his eyes in perfect time to the lyrics is just… spooky.

Samuel L. Jackson Exclusive

Snakes On A Plane is finally in cinemas, and thankfully, it’s not the crock of reptilian poop that the absence of press screenings had us believing it might be. Seeing as they wouldn’t let us see the movie, we got on the blower to our old buddy Sammy L. (ok, now we’re lying) and swung by his London-based caravan – it has go faster stripes!! (Ok, now we’re really lying) – to talk about the film and to try and bait him into shouting swearwords like “Motherfucka!” at us. See what the Baron Of Badass had to say (and bellow) right here.