30 SHOCKING Roles The Bollywood Actors Turned Down

Bollywood is unpredictable. You never know which movie will outshine others and which one will flop. Most actors try to be selective while doing movies but sometimes, they end up losing not only a chance to be a part of a hit movie but also put their career at risk.These actors probably needed a lot of cold water for their burns, when the movies they rejected did well at the Box Office.
Here are the list of bollywood actrors and actress who rejected the movie and movie did well in the box office

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Poonam Pandey Hot Naughty Rock Paper Scissor Game

Poonam Pandey Naughty Rock Paper Scissor Game – After creating headlines with numerous videos, controversy queen and online sensation Poonam Pandey is all set to come out with another steamy video.

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Sexy Athletic Thighs and Bubble Butt Home Workout! w Vicky Justiz

Fitness Model Vicky Justiz is showing you some great butt and leg exercises you can do at home to get a sexy lifted butt and lean athletic thighs.
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Title: Chris Ramos – Emergency (Instrumental Mix)
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SUELEN BISSOLATI – Fitness Model: The Best Leg Exercises to Strengthen the Quads and Glutes @ Brazil

Building Massive Legs!
Exercises and training to build powerful legs and butt.
The best exercises for muscle gains, hypertrophy and toning.
The Best Leg Exercises to Strengthen the Quads, Hamstrings and Glutes.


Exercices fesses et les jambes pour les femmes: Obtenir un gros cul et rond avec ces exercices.

Exercícios de bunda e pernas para mulheres: Obtenha um bumbum grande e redondo com estes exercícios.

يمارس بعقب والساقين للنساء: الحصول على بعقب كبيرة ومستديرة مع هذه التمارين.

Упражнения прикладом и ноги для женщин: Получите большой прикладом и круглые с этими упражнениями.

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Miss July 2016 Ali Michael is Putting Us in a Very Patriotic Mood

Recently, we released our July/August 2016 issue, which we called our “Freedom Issue.” As part of our “patriotic” themes, we had our July Playmate Ali Michael take part in a very American photoshoot. We think you’ll be praising the Stars and Stripes after watching this video. To see the rest of our content featuring our latest Playmate, check out Ali’s exclusive photo gallery: http://ply.by/xqlQwh

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Top 5 Richest Bollywood Actresses In 2016 | Bollywood Fun Facts

Bollywood is the most lucrative industry in India, where people, particularly actors make money in millions. They not only make money through films, but also through advertisements and endorsements, besides getting great deal of fame and recognition all over the world.

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Nicole Scherzinger Flashes Bikini Cleavage !!

Nicole Scherzinger Flashes Bikini Cleavage !!

The Celebrity Big Brother title has twice been taken by Geordie Shore alumni. And with rumours that Marnie Simpson is due to be the latest MTV star to make an appearance, she was surely hoping to make an impact, early on.

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Tasha Berry Uncensored Bhabhi Scene | Mastram

Mastram Uncensored Hot Scene – Mastram is a biography of a real life pulp writer whose erotica has been the bestsellers on railway stations and roadside stalls for decades.. Alisha Beri the lead actress has dared to don a controversial role in the movie and has done justice to the bold scenes as well. She in this scene has shown it quite well how an Indian woman is cooking in the kitchen and her sari falls from her shoulders and her assests are all for display.

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